About Us

We have created Groomer Development to partner with Christies Direct, our main source for all your pet grooming essentials. Groomer Development is an educational resource designed to help Professional Groomers of all levels expand their knowledge on all things grooming. Christies Direct will provide you with the tools for the job at hand, while Groomer Development will advise you on exactly how and when to use them.


You’ll find a range of posts covering topics related to individual breeds, various pieces of equipment and also wet products like shampoos, colognes and beyond.


Together we will cover the basics; what is the difference between Full Tooth and Skip Tooth Blades? How and where do I start my own grooming business? Groomer Development was made to answer all the everyday questions that groomers have but may be too scared or not sure who to ask.


Our in-house team have gathered advice and experience over the years, having formed close connections with groomers of all levels. This includes direct advice from Master Groomers, meaning our free educational site will offer you only the best tips and tricks used by those who know the grooming business inside out.


By keeping up to date with Groomer Development, you will strengthen your skills to ensure that you earn more and turn out only the best quality groom each time.


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