Boost Your Income: Retailing Combs

One of the of the most commonly used tools in a groomers kit is the humble comb. These versatile tools can be used to aid in detangling, de-matting, styling and scissoring. But are you missing a trick by viewing them as a tool just for you?


It is becoming more and more common for grooming parlours to open retail sections for their customers. Your customers trust you as an expert on their pets needs and are therefore more likely to trust your product recommendations, this means that if you have the product you are recommending they are more than likely to purchase that item from you, meaning you have a happy customer and you have boosted your revenue.


Combs are an easy add on sale after grooms if you are spending a lot of your time detangling or de-matting coats which are not receiving the proper care you should be charging your customers more. This is because you spend longer grooming their pet and often to the detriment of your own equipment. A gentle reminder to your customer that there is a de-matting charge on top of their usual grooming fees will prompt them to show more care and attention to their pets coat. When doing this you can then recommend the grooming tools that you use in your salon, ie the combs and brushes. The customer will likely take your recommendation and purchase the comb and hopefully, the next time you see their pet the coat will be easier for you to groom. There is also an excellent add on sales opportunity to be made here, which is the additional sale of a good de-matting spray, this will help make their detangling easier and will also prevent the owner from causing undue damage to their pets coat.


Most grooming combs are sold in blister packaging which makes them easy to hang and display in your salon, there are also brands which have bright attractive packaging to make them more eye catching. There are a number of different combs available to suit every coat type so you should be able to meet the needs of all of your customers.