Buying a Table

Whether you are a groomer working on the family dog, a handler with multiple canines, or running a salon, a table is vital to getting the job done. Tables are one of the most basic needs and certainly can prove one of the most important purchases you will make. This is why it is important that time and thought to go into buying the best grooming table to get the job done. Below we examine some things to consider when buying a table.


Consider Size

If you’re in a salon, chances are you’ll get dogs of all shapes and sizes. Having more than one table can be very useful for example; you may require one at your bathing and blow-drying area and a separate one for your grooming area. Selecting the most suitable table for each area is vital also taking into consideration the typical size of canines you accept to groom.


So Is It for Personal Use or a Salon?

Grooming at home with just one or two pets can mean an entirely different situation from a salon, in this situation, a table that is lightweight and can be collapsed and tucked away when you’re done is an excellent choice. Grooming salons may want to opt for a more substantial purchase, for example, one or more quality hydraulic or electric table.


If you’re taking care of your own dog at home, you won’t need the same kind of table you might in a salon. If your pet is large for example Newfoundland, it is probably smarter to invest in a table that will easily work for both you and your pet, such as a hydraulic or electric grooming table. If you have a, for example, a Bichon, you may do better with a table that collapses down. Some of the collapsible (folding) tables aren’t great for large dogs because those tables can be too wobbly. But for in-home grooming with small to medium breeds, folding tables can be ideal. It’s a real advantage to be able to collapse a table back down when you’re done with it and get use out of the space again.


Groomers in salon environments will be on their feet for the best part of the day, so opting for a mechanical table IE Electric/hydraulic are required, the various height levels available ensuring you maintain a better posture throughout the day, can help reach areas which are tricky on canines or help older dogs on and off the table much better.