Caring For Hairless Breeds

Any good groomer knows that they have to be prepared for all breeds and coat types coming into their salon. However are they prepared for breeds such as the Chinese Crested which are considered hairless?


These coat types require more specialised attention than others as they lack the additional protection that a layer of hair or fur offers, for this reason, they are more prone to skin infections and conditions.


Thankfully regular care and good grooming practices can protect these more vulnerable breeds from skin conditions and infections. It is recommended that these breeds are bathed every 1 – 2 weeks, largely to help remove dirt and bacteria from their skin, if this is not done they are prone to skin conditions, and can actually obtain blackheads and acne!


Because these breeds require more regular bathing it is essential to use a gentle but moisturising shampoo, a shampoo containing chamomile or oatmeal is a good bet or even a shampoo with added conditioner. Taking these steps means that the skin will be cleansed but not stripped of essential moisture.


Another important step is sunscreen, fur and hair is good natural filter against harmful rays and strong sunshine, these breeds lack that protections so for that reason sunscreen is a must all year around.


Another recommendation for this breed is to make sure they are appropriately attired for the weather, they lack fur or a coat and are more susceptible to colds in the winter months, so you could recommend that their pet parent purchases them a jacket or coat or you could even supply the garments yourself.