Cat Grooming Basics

Cat Grooming is growing more and more popular, with more customers interested in having their feline friends kept neat and tidy than ever before. Here we’ll cover some basics to think about if you are considering getting into grooming Cats.


First, we need to consider the environment the cat is being kept and groomed in. While not being groomed the cat should be kept in a location separate from other animals. The room must be kept free from dogs so as not to cause unnecessary stress to the cat.


Consider the kind of equipment and products you will be using when grooming cats. Your dog grooming clippers will work, however, due to the differences in a cat’s coat, with it being finer, and the skin is thinner and more sensitive, special Cat Grooming Blades are recommended.


Consider using a short nose muzzle or cat grooming bag to help reduce the chance of injury to yourself. With cat’s generally being smaller than dogs, smaller brushes and combs are advised. A Triangular slicker is ideal for grooming the underarm section and between the legs, helping to remove and prevent matting.


If matting is encountered they could be tackled in a couple of ways. The best way to remove matted fur is using a Matt Zapper to avoid having to shave the cat or cutting the matted hair off.


Most cat’s do not like water so when considering washing the cat there are alternative products. There are ranges of waterless sprays as well as powder baths that are simply sprinkled on then massaged into the coat and skin. If the cat struggle with all forms of bathing products, there are also grooming wipes designed for cats.


Start by trimming the cat’s nails