Corded vs Cordless Clippers

One of the primary decisions when deciding on a clipper is whether to choose a corded or a cordless clipper. Both have their merits and disadvantages which you must consider when making this decision. There are several questions to think about first of all, such as are you a pet owner or a dog groomer? If you are a groomer, how busy do you expect to be? If you are a pet owner, how many dogs do you own? How long do you believe it will take you to clip each dog? What is your budget?


When deciding on a budget remember that cordless clippers will always tend to be more expensive than corded clippers. A good pair of cordless clippers can cost you in the region of £250 plus, whereas a good pair of corded clippers can range from £130 plus. You also need to factor in the cost of buying the correct blades and/or comb guides, as most Clippers will only come with a number 10 blade, and some come with none.


The main benefit of corded clippers is that they are a lower cost and they will have a constant flow of power to the clipper; ensuring that the clipper maintains full power during the clip. The effect of this is that you have no time restraint when clipping. Disadvantages include being restricted by the length of the lead. You must be careful not to cause damage to your power cord, as damage will cause the clipper to stop and start, or potentially stop working until the lead is replaced. Power cords are not covered under your manufacturing warranty as they are seen as a wear and tear item. To prevent this you must ensure there is little strain and twisting to the power cord during use. Another suggestion is not to roll your lead up after use, try to allow it to hang naturally where possible.


With cordless clippers you avoid any potential power cord issues and restraints. You have free movement to fully clip without being restricted to a particular area as you will not be constrained by a cord. The only restraint you may have is a time restraint, as most batteries when charged may only last you 30 minutes at a time. Some can last up to 60 minutes or more, but again you must check the recharge time of the battery. A suggestion is either to ensure you have 2 batteries that you can switch between, or ensure that you have enough time to clip using one. In relation to speed and power, cordless clippers can still be very powerful, but you may experience the power decreasing as the battery reaches the end of its charge. Batteries can lose their power over time, but they can be replaced once they stop holding their charge.