Curly & Wooly Coated Breeds

Curly and Wooly coats – Also known as ‘Poodle’ Coats, are usually quite thick and curly with lots of volume. This type of coat requires a lot of regular grooming, most owners and groomers of these particular breeds which include Bichon Frise, Labradoodles, Poodle, Schnauzer, Airedale, Tibetan Terriers, will groom daily. It is one of the hardest coats to maintain, it Matts easy and can grow quite quickly with continuous growth throughout the year.


To maintain the coat, use a shampoo with no added conditioners, this would weigh the coat down, which in turn makes the coat harder to clip or scissor if you do want to use conditioner find one which is very light and more coat specific conditioner.


Wool coats need to be ‘fluff dried’ so that their coat can be straightened and when they are finished they look very fluffy, making a Finishing Dryer an essential piece of kit for grooming any curly or wooly coated breeds.


When brushing wool coats, it is best to apply some anti-static spray, it lubricates the hair shafts and so makes brushing this type of coat, which has a natural curl and a slight undercoat, considerably easier and gentler. It would be recommended to use a curved slicker brush and a pin brush for the everyday groom – finish comb/poodle comb required to ensure tangles are out and to fluff up coat. Dematting tools like a Matt Breaker or Coarse Coat Kings are also usually required.