Dryer Care

A Dryer is one of the most important purchases a groomer will make for their business.


There are 3 types of dryers available: blasters, finishing dryers and combination dryer/blaster.


Regular servicing and basic dryer care are essential for you to get the most out of your dryer, and prolong the life of the motor.


Basic maintenance should be carried out at home at the end of every day and dryer filters should be kept clean at all times. It is best to vacuum these and wash them after. Warm water and a drop of washing up liquid are sufficient, then rinse them before drying. If the filters are blocked it increases the risk of motor failure and will also reduce the amount of air that the dryer can give out.


Some dryers have two sets of filters, one that you can see, and the others inside the case. Consult your dryer manual to see if your dryer has two sets. The internal filters should only be vacuumed, as wetting them will destroy them.


If you are using a dryer with several different options on how to mount it, (e.g. a stand, wall, floor) please try to keep the extra holes covered up. A sticky label or tape would be suitable. If these holes are left uncovered, your dryer will suck in hair and dirt through these and it will block up the motor.


If, when using a dryer it begins to slow down and then speed up again, it is best to stop it and return for a service. This could be a sign that the motor brushes are worn in the motor. Continued use could destroy the motor and lead to expensive repairs. When you book your dryer in with a service engineer, they thoroughly check/replace brushes and filters, clean/replace motors, remove any dirt, carbon and hair particles and check the power cord. Most service centers will also supply you with an engineer’s report and also Health & Safety PATS test your equipment.


It is one of the most vital pieces of equipment in your salon, so remember that you will always need a backup dryer in the case of emergencies and for use when you send your main dryer for a service. A refurbished dryer would be a great option as they are typically more economical in price than a new dryer, and will be invaluable for the continued smooth running of your business.