Ergonomics of Standing All Day

Although standing as normal throughout the day usually isn’t a problem, if you are standing all day repeating movements and not giving your muscles a variety of flexes it can become a strain on your back, legs and ankles.


It can result in health problems such as:

  • leg swelling
  • varicose veins
  • muscular fatigue
  • lower back pain
  • stiffness in neck + shoulders

Ergonomics can be very important as when the body is limited to only a few positions repeated over a long time it can become rigid in these positions and lead to a variety of health problems as detailed above. Standing in an upright position can cause the reduced blood supply to certain muscles in the body and also lead to blood pooling in the legs and feet. This is what
causes inflammation of the veins leading to them become painful varicose veins. Rheumatic diseases can then cause in joints as damage is caused to the tendons and ligaments.


There are a few courses of action you can take to prevent these problems from occurring.


One would be to transition from sitting to standing positions throughout the day to dive your legs and feet a break and also allow for better circulation. It’s possible to get a variety of grooming stools that can help with this.


Another similar idea would be to get a height adjustable table and throughout the day adjust the angle you are working at as this will vary the muscles you are using and give relief to overworked areas.


Another great way to take the pressure off your legs and back is with an anti-fatigue mat. It will help circulate the blood around your feet and legs easier all while giving you a more comfortable time when standing.


Choosing good footwear to wear throughout the day will also help and I have heard people recommend having a change of shoes to go between throughout the day to relieve the stress on the foot and makes them feel lighter on their feet. Stretching is extremely important to people who work in these types of position as it readies the muscle and also promotes blood flow.


Although some people may be too busy throughout the day to take breaks, they are terribly important as it allows the parts of your body that have been subject to a lot of repetitive motion a chance to recuperate and doing this throughout the day will help you massively in the long run. Something else to consider avoiding while in the standing position is reaching behind the shoulder line as this may cause more stress on an area of the back that is already stressed.