Heiniger Saphir Cordless Vs Andis Pulse Zr Cordless

Cordless clippers are steadily becoming more and more popular with many Groomers choosing to upgrade to this wireless and more convenient tool. With that in mind it is important to ascertain which clipper suits an individual Groomers’ needs.


Andis and Heiniger are among the most popular Manufacturers of clippers on the market. Both have fantastic clippers, which have a number of key features, making them ideal for all Groomers, whether they are students starting out or veterans of the industry.


So if you have decided to bite the bullet and upgrade there are a benefits to both clippers, with that in mind we have laid these all out below and you can make the most informed choice regarding which is the clipper for you.

Andis Pulse ZR

  • This clipper has a powerful rotary motor.
  • They feature an internal Lithium Ion Battery for reliable clipping, with up to 2 hour life.
  • 5 Speeds ranging from 1800 strokes per minute to 3800 strokes per minute
  • The clipper is slim line and ergonomic
  • The clippers are quiet, with low vibration
  • There is an LED light to indicate speed levels
  • This clipper is compatible with all brands of A5 Snap on blades
  • It is sold with an Andis ceramic 10 blade
  • The clipper comes in a heavy duty carry case
Andis Pulse ZR Cordless vs Heiniger Saphir Cordless Clipper

Heiniger Saphir

  • These clippers are available in Blue and Purple
  • The purple style clipper is sold with a Heiniger 10 Blade
  • The Saphir is supplied with 2 Lithium Ion batteries, with a lifetime of up to an hour, these will allow for continuous clipping.
  • The Original Blue Saphir is sold with the heavy duty carry case
  • These are very quiet with low vibration
  • The clippers are lightweight, ergonomic and well balanced
  • The clippers operate with 2800 strokes per minute and have a high torque, this makes them ideal for even the thickest coat types.