How to cope with stressed out Dogs

Just like humans, dogs can find our hectic lifestyles difficult to cope with. We are constantly on the go whether it be moving house, going on holiday, having parties and even loud noises we make for fun like fireworks night. Plus, many dogs spend most of their days alone at home while we are busy with our family obligations and professional lives.


You know if a dog is stressed because of their behaviour, they may be panting, excessively yawning or even become aggressive towards you or other dogs.


Grooming can be a particularly stressful experience for some pets but there are ways to help reduce this stress and make grooming a pleasure.

Start them young!

A puppy’s first experience at the groomers will have a huge impact on how he feels about grooming.


Work with owners to help train their pets so they get used to being handled before he arrives in your salon. Ask owners to start slowly and gently touching some sensitive areas such as ears, feet and muzzle and reward the dog for good behaviour. Why not start on an area that is less sensitive such as the neck and move down towards the muzzle.

Create a Spa In your salon

Why not make subtle changes in your salon to help calm both dogs and owners. Pet Therapy is a luxury spa treatment range which rejuvenates pets while washing and creates a wonderful aroma in your salon. Washing anxious pets with a lavender based shampoo such as the Pet Therapy Tranquil shampoo will help relax them and give them a spa experience as they bathe.


Use a calming spray in your salon such as the PPP Aromacare Calming Lavender Spray which is infused with natural essential oils will help calm and soothe dogs. It will also help keep that ‘just groomed’ feeling for longer!

Natural remedies

If you still have anxious dogs, there are a number of natural remedies which can help. The Espree Calming Balm and FouFou Fou-Stick Calm can be applied directly to the pet’s skin and will naturally help to relieve stress and anxiety.

Phew! It’s over! Finish with a treat!

It’s always good to reward good behaviour with a treat so why not keep a retail pack of treats in your salon for your customers to purchase at the end of the groom. The new Yakers chews are made from a mix of Yak and Cow’s milk and are smoke dried for 28 days to give them a unique texture and flavour dogs will love!

Look after yourself!

Finally, stress is something we all feel from time to time. Whether it’s dealing with an unhappy customer, a badly-behaved dog or just the stress of day-to-day life, it’s important to take care of yourself. Renowned US Groomer, Barbara Bird, swears by the Show Season Roll-Ons. These roll-ons contain natural oils which can be applied quickly to allow you to get on with the job! Choose from Energy Lift, Anger Management or Headache Help.


A version of this article originally appeared in Total Grooming Magazine