How to grow your Facebook audience organically

Using Facebook as a tool to grow your business can be a daunting task. With the ever-changing algorithm, other bigger business seemingly spending a fortune to get sponsored or understanding current and changing trends it seems like a full-time job in itself! In this article we will go over tips on how to grow your Facebook audience organically; when to post, the types of things to include in your posts and hopefully generate some new revenue!

How often should I post?

If you were to ask a hundred different social media marketers this question you would probably get 100 different answers. Obviously, if you post every five minutes every single day people will get the impression you are spamming and quickly unfollow your posts and alternatively if you don’t post at all what is the point in being on Facebook in the first place? But in that, you have to find the sweet spot for yourself. Usually, around 2-3 posts a day at strategic times is a good number as it isn’t overdoing it but also gives time to make the posts more interesting and possibly lead to users interacting. So quality over quantity is key here, but this may be hard to keep on top of as you may be too busy with work to just drop everything to post on Facebook at a good time! There is a solution however, there are services such as HootSuite that allow you to schedule your posts well in advance, which saves time and can be added to as you go.

What times are best for posting?

This is another wide open argument where people will have their own opinions and strategies. You can read up on studies that have been done which show when people are using the platform most and also which days are better for posting. Although these are very handy to use you should also think of your user base and what times they may be using Facebook. There is also an aspect of trial and error here as you will learn when you start posting more regularly. If for example you are posting three things a day and only two are getting interacted with then maybe one is going out at a bad time where people just aren’t seeing it and it is inevitably being lost in a sea of other posts. Usually, a good tactic is to monitor when you use social media most throughout the day and use that to come up with an initial pattern. Another good tool for checking when your audience is online most is insights. Insights is a feature on Facebook that can be used to maximise your sharing strategy and better target your desired audience.

Targeting your audience for each post

Facebook allows you to target your organic posts so that you can really narrow down the types of user who will see and hopefully interact with your post. There are multiple segments you can use to achieve this such as gender, relationship status, education level, age, location, language, interests and post end date. This can be extremely useful as it narrows down the number of people and doesn’t end up showing your post to people that likely wouldn’t be interested in the first place, have you ever seen an ad on facebook and thought to yourself, why am I being shown this? It is most likely a case of a bad target audience.

What kind of posts should I be doing?

The fun part! This is where you can start to get creative with things. Again you have to keep your audience type in mind here as posting about cars might not be the best idea if you are running a dog grooming business. But as long as you stay slightly relevant to your business type you should be ok as the idea here is to get conversations going and hopefully people like, share and tag friends in them. Videos will usually have the highest impressions and GIF’s are also a good way to grab the users attention. Another good way to generate interactions is to use facebooks poll option to start a debate and get people talking about products or even get opinions on decisions you are making, make the users feel involved and make the experience with your business more personable and friendly. Running competitions can also be a good way to generate a lot of interest in your business or products. If you wanted to promote a new product or even boost interest in a product that hasn’t been selling well, this will surely get people interested.


Hopefully, this makes the whole prospect of using Facebook as a real way to generate business and interest a little less daunting and you can confidently start using Facebook to interact with your audience and maybe even start having fun with it!