How to use Flexible Head Slicker Brushes

From Les Poochs to cheaper alternatives, Flexible Head Slicker Brushes has had a big impact on the Dog Grooming industry. These brushes are designed with a special pin structure that works with the flexible head to combat knots, tangles, and mats in a way that is easier for the pet and helps make the grooming process easier. They are designed to reduce snagging and ripping on the dog’s coat and skin. The flexibility makes it easier on the coat, easier on the skin and easier on the groomer.


Flexible Head Slicker Brushes are designed to be used lightly, allowing the special pin structure and the flexibility of the head to do the work, where other tools rely more on cutting or sometimes force. They are designed in that you should always use the brush in the direction of the handle with a gentle pulling motion through the coat. For best results place the pins gently into the hair with a gentle tapping motion, gently pull the brush towards you at a straight angle, removing the brush and repeating the process.


When de-matting with a Flexible Head Slicker Brush the same method should be applied, teasing just a few hairs free of the mat then removing the pins and repeating the process. The unique pin system on the brushes will make the process safer and less stressful for the pet.


While these brushes do make the dematting process easier, it can be in the pets best interest to perform a shave down on heavy matting