Introducing Nature’s Groom

Natural, organic and Vegan Society approved shampoos, conditioners and colognes with delightful organic extracts.

Nature’s Groom is the new earth-conscious grooming range. The shampoos use a natural cleansing base which leaves the coat clean, without stripping any natural, healthy oils from the coat. Each ingredient has been thoroughly tested to ensure formulations suit the needs of every pet. The range is 100% biodegradable and cares for the environment but does not compromise in performance. With economical dilution rates, try today and you will not be disappointed!


Each of the Body Mists in the range is enhanced with Organic Oils and additional Vitamin E; this then allows the mist to double up as a nourishing leave in conditioner, with a beautiful scent that will leave the coat smelling fresh for days.


This fantastic range is available in a Gallon size shampoo for use in the salon and a 400ml size for retail.

  •         All natural range, approved by the Vegan Society
  •         Organic oils and extracts
  •         Professional salon quality with economical dilution rates
  •         Packaging 100% Biodegradable

Plus, superior quality bamboo tools complete the Nature’s Groom range, available now!


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