Picking Blade Combs

Additional accessories can be added to blades to allow every groomer variation in the finish of their grooms, with this in mind, many groomers utilise blade combs to allow a longer finish and different texture to grooms.


Most comb guides are either metal or plastic and work by either clicking on your blades or through magnetism. Most comb guides will leave the hair about ½ an inch to 2 inches.

Wahl Metal Comb Guides

  • These snap down over the blade and range from 3mm to 25mm.
  • They are metal making them very durable and fantastic to use on most coat types.
  • The comb guides work best when used with a 15 or 30 blade.
  • Colour coated for easy identification
  • Individuals available to purchase

Andis Plastic Blade Comb Sets

  • These are plastic combs and are the most economic set available
  • The 9 piece ranges from 1/16” to ½”
  • The 8 piece ranges from 5/8” to 1.25”
  • These snap down over the blade
  • These comb guides will fit 10, 15 and 30 blades
  • Individuals of each comb are available to purchase

Andis Metal Coated Comb Guides

  • These range from 5/8” to 1.25”
  • They are Chrome coated which makes them glide through the coat very easily.
  • These have a unique magnetic fixing which eliminates slippage.
  • These are designed to fit a 10 blade.

Andis Metal Magnetic Comb Guides

  • These range from 1/8” to 1”
  • They are made from steel making them the most durable comb guides on the market.
  • The magnetic fixing makes them easy to attach and remove.
  • Designed to fit a 10 and 30 blade
  • Individuals of each comb are available to purchase

Oster Metal Comb Set

  • These range from 1/16” to 2”
  • Very durable metal combs making them ideal for thicker coated breeds
  • These snap down over the blade
  • They are colour coded for easy identification
  • These combs will fit a 10, 15 and 30 blade