Proper Care for a 100% Boar Bristle Brush

Every Groomer should have a good boar bristle brush in their tool kit. They work well for most coat types as the boar bristles absorb the Sebum which occurs naturally in the dog’s coat, once this has been absorbed, the brush then redistributes that Sebum throughout the rest of the coat adding shine and helping to repair damage. Another benefit of using a boar bristle brush is that they are anti static, making them ideal for long and drop coated breeds.


The brushes should be maintained to ensure that they continually produce excellent results, with that in mind the groomer should work to keep them cleaned and well looked after.

Cleaning a Boar Bristle Brush

  • It is initially important to ensure that any stray hairs have been cleaned and removed from the brush.
  • The groomer should then fill a container with some luke warm water, a bowl or washing basin will be sufficient for this.
  • To the warm water, a few drops of shampoo should be added, something like Groom Professional Hypoallergenic would be ideal for this.
  • At this point, a second basin of warm water should be filled without the shampoo being added.
  • Take a firm grip of the brush handle, then using circular motions, swirl it through the shampoo and water solution for a few minutes.
  • The next step is to dip the brush into the water solution to rinse out any of the shampoo residues.
  • Go over the brush one more time just to make sure all the hair and dirt have been removed.
  • Repeat the process if you feel it is necessary.
  • Leave the brush to dry

Please note when you are cleaning your boar bristle brush that it is important not to completely submerge the entirety of the handle in the water.


Also note that the following tips are for pure boar bristle brushes only, and should not be used for brushes containing brass, as these should not be introduced to moisture.