Puppy’s First Groom

Puppy’s first groom is an important experience that can set the tone for that particular pup’s reaction to the grooming salon for the rest of his or her life. Likewise, if done right it will make your, or whoever ends up grooming the dog in the future, experience easier. The earlier you can get the Puppy to the Salon the better, after their last set of vaccinations is ideal as the younger the Puppy, the easier it will be to train.



Spending 10 or 15 minutes with the Puppy and its owners getting them used to the process in as mild an introduction as possible. Interact with the Puppy in a friendly positive manner and gain their trust, petting and cuddling a little. Get them used to being comfortable with you in the environment of your salon.


Interact with the Puppy with the various grooming tools, even if not using them, so they are used to the process. Give them a bath, brush them, clip the very tip of the nail just to get them used to the tool, take the clipper on the lowest setting and with the blade facing away from the coat get the Puppy used to the noise and feel of the Clipper around the head, legs etc.


Educate the Owners

While you have the Puppy in with its owners this is your chance to show them the best way to look after their precious new member of the family. Show them what type of brush you are using and use it as an opportunity to sell them the right brush. The better the owner understands the grooming process and what they should do between grooms the better condition the dog will come into the Salon, hopefully! This can also be the time to introduce the concept of extra charges for dematting if you show them how it’s done they don’t have an excuse for a poorly looked after coat.


Patience is key when introducing a Puppy to the Salon, but if done right it will save you time and stress in the future. Be patient at all times.