Retailing Brushes in the Salon

Brushes are widely available for retailing and often found in pet shops, discount stores and in places such as Tesco, Asda etc. which can leave you wondering should you retail them and why.


What you should remember is that not all brushes are made the same, and generally speaking you get what you pay for. If your customers are using a £1 brush from a discount store, the quality is not likely to be as good as a brush you can get for retail from a professional grooming supply company, and may end up causing issues that you, the groomer, will have to fix.


A good place to start when picking a brush to retail is to look at what brush or brushes you are using. What benefits do they have and do you use different brushes on different clients? It may be that you stock different brushes for different clients.


As part of your service considering educating your customers on the best way to brush their particular dog, it will give you the opportunity to upsell the product and if your advice is taken on board it can mean your clients turn up in better condition for future appointments.


The price point is another thing to consider, while the RRP on brushes can range from around £4 to £15, not all customers will be willing to pay for the £15 brush, and likewise, some would not want to take a cheaper option. Part of the decision of which brush to retail must come from your knowledge of your own customers.