Retailing Colognes

Groomers rarely consider retailing products as they consider it to be “too difficult” but this could not be further from the truth. One of the easiest products to retail is Colognes! Groomers always get asked what product they used on their fluffy friend to make him/her smell so good. Why not take advantage of this and sell your customer a small bottle of cologne to take home and use on their dog in between grooms. You will benefit from the extra revenue generated from selling the cologne and the customer will often come back for more!


Suppliers normally have retail offers available on colognes. These allow you to purchase multiple colognes for less than the RRP. This, in turn, allows you to make a little bit of profit when selling these to clients. Christies Direct also offers the most popular fragrances in the Groom Professional range in a box of 24 which come in handy 100ml bottles and their labels can be personalised to include your contact information, address, colour scheme and company logo.


Think about where you are putting your colognes. If you have them still in the box at the back the chances of selling it aren’t as high as if there were in your welcome area or countertop. Don’t be afraid to mention them to your customer when you are serving them at the till area. After all, the worst they can say is no.


Don’t forget about your seasonal colognes! Christmas is often a time where customers tend to impulse buy on items that are relevant to the time of year.