Retailing in your Salon

People often rely on those around them for inspiration when making purchases. Think about the items in your salon, you likely purchased them because they were recommended to you during training, by other groomers or by reading reviews others have left about products.


Christies Direct has had Pet Owners contact us after being told by Groomers that they use our products. Those Groomers could have made some extra money by retailing the products themselves, using our Multi-buy offers.

The Four P’s

The Four P’s in Retail are Product, Price, Place and Promotion. Make sure you are selling the right product. Set the right price, what profit can you make and what are your customers willing to pay? Where are you going to Place the product? How are you going to promote the product?


Think about your customers. Do they like the finer things for their Pet? Are they going to spend £14.99 so they can give their dog a Mud Bath at home? If so you could be making £4.50 per customer on the Recommended Retail Price.


We often find best sellers are Brushes, Combs and Colognes. Selling at RRP you could be earning £2.23 per cologne, and that’s only if you follow our guidelines, you could be charging more!


Consider how much you paid for the product, and what you can stand to earn from selling it. If customers are paying more in your salon than they are at a neighbouring salon they may not mind paying extra over the RRP. Consider your postage on items and add this to your baseline price to cover your own costs.


Think about where you are putting your products. If you have them still in the box at the back the chances of selling it aren’t as high as if there were in your welcome area.


Think of your local supermarket or petrol station. Where are single serving crisps, sweets and such located? There may be a separate location in the shop but often there is a lot of this located at the tills as there is a strong opportunity for an impulse purchase while waiting to be seen.


How are you going to encourage customers to purchase the product? Consider mentioning what cologne you have used (as long as it’s one you sell), ask them if they like the scent as you lead them back towards the till where you have the same cologne placed for them to purchase.