Seasonal Dangers for Dog Owners – Christmas

With the festive season in full swing with parties, events and great eating its easy to forget the things which could be harmful or poisonous to our dogs.

Its super important we keep a careful eye on our furry friends during this time of year to ensure they are safe and at no risk, below you will find a few things to be aware of this christmas.



A chemical called theobromine, which is poisonous to dogs, is found in Chocolate. Generally speaking, the darker the chocolate, the more theobromine it contains, and therefore the more poisonous it is. In saying this, the likes of white chocolate would contain less theobromine so would therefore be less poisonous but is still not recommended to give dogs as it will make them ill.


With chocolate including many stimulant ingredients this will mean that your dog will become very excitable and hyperactive it can also cause tremors, fitting, heart problems and muscle twitching. In severe cases any of these side effects can be fatal.


We suggest that over the Christmas period all chocolate including boxes of chocolate, hanging chocolate coins and advent calendars are all out of reach of your dog so even when your back is turned you have no worries about your dog consuming it. Its also important to note that even chocolate in wrapped presents can be sniffed out by your dog and may be snatched.


Cooked bones

With it being the season for food a plenty and all the traditional meats its very easy for bones to be in the kitchen area. When meat is cooked for a period of time, the bones inside become brittle, easily splinter and can snap. If feeding your dog any meats ensure there are no bones left in the meat as larger pieces may cause obstruction in their throat and small pieces may irritate or penetrate the stomach, gut or intestines.

When disposing of any bones or removing them from meat ensure they are kept out of reach of your dog as their sense of smell will be able to seek them out and may consume them. Dispose of all bones to an outside bin to avoid your dog rummaging the bins during the night.


Christmas decorations

Your christmas tree and decorations are very enticing to your dog as they may look like toys or smell great if chocolate is around them. Tinsel, ornaments and lights can cause obstructions or even ruptures if they are sharp, spikes or fragile. Lights can also cause an electric shock if chewed or broken.



The ethanol included in alcohol is believed to be have a more severe effect on dogs than humans and even drinking a small amount can cause serious effects. Drinks which include the likes of cream or eggs may be more appealing to dogs and therefore they may be more likely to consume if left in their reach. Dogs may develop similar effects to those expected in humans such as wobbly on their feet, low body temperature, drowsy, seizures and even coma.