Short Coated Breeds

Regardless of whether you’re a Labrador lover or a pug possessor, you’ll quickly find yourself in short coat territory. Many pet owners choose breeds with a short coat thinking they’ll have no grooming to do whatsoever; however, while these breeds are typically viewed as being low maintenance, they still require some attention. The short coat is much denser compared to other varieties, with hair length being between 1 and 3 cm. There are generally 2 layers of short coats, and this “layering” creates a density which enables the coat to retain odour and water very well. Two of the most common complaints from pet owners of short-coated breeds tend to be their smell and the fact that they can be hard to dry. From a grooming perspective, this means regular washing is key, as well as thorough drying once the washing is complete. 


A Deep Cleaning shampoo is ideal as it cuts deep through dirt and grease to cleanse even the muckiest of pups, leaving your dog smelling fresh once more. Remember – once you’ve finished washing, dry your dog thoroughly, as the coat will hold the water! Another option for your dog might well be a shampoo to deal with shedding – another common complaint with the short coat is that it sheds more than others, and so you may require a shampoo which is going to help loosen those dead hairs, reducing further shedding.


Follow this up with a Shedding treatment; it is not essential to use a conditioning product on your short-coated dog, but they really can help to further loosen those dead hairs during grooming, which means less hair falling out around the home. If you find yourself constantly wiping hairs from your clothing, it may be a good idea to try a conditioner on your short coated pet!


You might also want to use an ear cleaner on your dog, as these breeds are often more susceptible to dirty ears. Ear Wash or Ear Wipes is a brilliant option if you find your dog suffers from this.


Finally, the last tool you’ll need in your short-coat-kit will be some kind of de-shedding tool- these can be invaluable when it comes to grooming short coated dogs because as previously stated, they are well-known for their shedding. A few handy tools would be a Shed Stopper or a Shedding Blade – both of these will help massively in ensuring that your pets’ dead hairs are removed effectively, once again reducing the number of hairs left to fall out of the coat.