Skip/Full Tooth Blades

Blades are an integral part of every groomers Tool Kit. There are many lengths and types available which are designed to leave different finishes and textures to the coat, therefore it is vital that you know which blade is right for you. With this in mind, the main factor which affects coat texture and finish is the blade’s teeth. With most blade lengths you have the option of choosing a full tooth blade and a skip tooth blade. The differences between these blade types are as follows:

Skip Tooth Blade

  • Leaves the same length of hair but has alternative short and long teeth
  • Designed to leave a more textured, rough finish
  • Can go through coarser coats easier
  • Great to use on matted coats (you will find using a skip tooth will not blunt your blade as quickly)
Skip Tooth Blade

Skip Tooth Blade – note there is a shorter blade between each full size blade

Full Tooth Blade

  • These are the most popular blades
  • All teeth are the same length
  • Designed to leave a more neat finish, but can be blunted more easily if used on matted or dirty coats
  • Note: Andis mark their full tooth blades as FC (finish cut), Oster etc. as F.
Full Tooth Blade

Full Tooth Blade – Note all blade lengths are the same


Have a very rough coat but want a neat finish? Use a skip tooth blade for the bulk of the clip and use a full tooth to give a neat finish.