Troubleshooting Clippers

Having your clippers working at less than 100% is a nightmare for many groomers. That is why it is important to regularly check your clipper and make sure they are working at their best.


After every grooming session unplug your clipper and give it a good clean. Remove the blade and ensure you remove all the debris and hair from around the blade, blade hinge and the drive lever. Check to see if any hair is trapped anywhere on the clipper and remove.

Clipper Maintenance

One of the most important parts in any clipper is the drive lever. This is the part that makes the blade cutters move. As this part moves very quickly and drives the blade, it can get worn down, when this happens it is essential you get this part replaced.


Carbon brushes should be replaced as often as every 3-6 months if you are operating a busy salon. These are a vital part of the clipper and if not replaced it can lead to other electrical parts of the clipper being damaged.


If your blades seem a little loose or aren’t staying connected to the clipper then you may need to replace your blade hinge. This is important to make sure your blade cuts through the coat well and remains safe during operation.


Some final basic tips to ensure your clippers work at their best for as long as possible include:

  • Ensure cordless clippers are well charged before beginning to groom and have a backup clipper or battery ready to continue any long grooming session. A well-charged clipper will be able to perform at its best and give you the best possible cut.
  • Ensure that corded clippers are always stored carefully. Never coil the cord around the clipper. Make sure to keep the clipper in a dry area at room temperature.
  • Ensure your blade is kept in good condition, oiled regularly and sharpened when needed. This will make it easier for the clipper to cut the hair and put less stress on the clippers motor.