What equipment do I need to start Dog Grooming?

New groomers often ask “What equipment do I need to start Dog Grooming?”. Obviously, this depends on what equipment you acquired when you were learning how to Groom, but we’re going to look at the essentials every groomer should have, based on feedback from our established Dog Groomers.



Clippers come in all sorts of shapes and sizes, different Brands and in corded or cordless varieties. Another thing to consider is budget and features. If you have a reasonable start-up budget you can consider a brushless motor, which will take less maintenance but a higher upfront cost.


You can read about the benefits of Corded vs Cordless Clippers here.


Depending on how comfortable you are with scissors there are 5 Scissor Levels, from Student/Startup Groomers at Level 1, to luxury, hand crafted made to order Scissors at Level 5. The most used scissors are a Straight, a Curved, a Thinner and a Safety/Ball Tip Scissor. This combination will allow you to groom any dog.


You can read about the differences in German Vs Japanese Scissors here.


Most clothes designed especially for Dog Groomers resists hair. Consider a hair resistant grooming top and trouser set to give you a professional look and keep your regular clothes fur-free. There is also a unique Grooming Top that offers protection from fleas and other pests which you can learn about here.


Dryers come in 5 main varieties; High-Velocity Blaster, Finishing Dryer, Combination Dryer/Blaster, Cage Dryer and Cabin Dryer. We would recommend either a Finishing Dryer and a High-Velocity Dryer or a Combination Dryer/Blaster to start with.


You can read up about Dryers and how to look after them in our Dryer Category.


A good table will help you in every groom, every day. Look ideally for an electric or hydraulic table that can be lowered and raised with as much scope as possible. This makes it easier to get larger dogs to a good working level without you having to lift them, as well as being able to raise small dogs high enough to have a good comfortable working height to avoid hurting your back.

Bath with Splashback

While Stainless Steel baths have been largely favoured among customers this is largely due to the availability of a Splashback, designed to protect nearby walls and equipment from water when bathing or loose hair when using a high-velocity dryer.