Which Scissor to Use?

There are a number of different types of scissors which a groomer can purchase to help with their grooms. Each of these has been designed to help make a specific task much easier and for a groomer to get the best out of the grooms and it is important that groomers have a number of these in their arsenal. Some scissors are designed with an ergonomic shank which means that they will be much more comfortable for extended periods of scissoring. The length of this shank genuinely helps the groomer choose the best scissor to suit their hands, for example, a groomer with smaller hands are normally more comfortable with a short shank scissor.

Straight Scissors

  • There are a number of different sizes and weights available in straight shears.
  • Generally groomers will use a longer scissor on a larger breed of dog.
  •  A heavier scissor is always better suited to a breed with a thick, double coat
  • These are multi task scissors suited for general body grooming, straight lines and neat finishing work.

Curved Scissors

  • Similar to straight shears a longer curved shear is better suited to a larger breed and the heavier the scissors the better they be for scissoring a thicker coat.
  • There are variations on the curve available from these scissors as well, a more gradual, longer curve is better suited to larger breed where as a much sharper curve is ideal for smaller breeds.
  • Traditionally curve scissors are used on top knots and on areas your grooming that you would like to leave a rounded finish, such as a Bichonne’s head or a continental trim on a poodle.
  • Some groomers also like to use curved shears round the legs and feet, this results in a better shape and finish.

Thinning Scissors

  • Thinners are traditionally used for cutting bulk hair out of the coat or for blending the lines to produce a better finish.
  • There are a number of variations available with differences in the number of teeth, the length and the size of the teeth.
  • The size of the teeth and the style of the teeth indicate how aggressive a thinner is. For example the Lightning thinners by Kenchii have 3 cutting blades on the teeth rather than the traditional 2 which results in increased volume of hair being thinned from the coat.
  • Smaller teeth on thinners will also result in much less hair being removed.
  • Some groomers will choose to use double sided thinners these will result in fewer lines to the finish of a groom.