Blade Do's and Don'ts

There are a number of things you can do when using your blades to increase their lifetime:


  • Clean & maintain your blades regularly
  • Keep blades lightly oiled and use coolant spray regularly
  • Use appropriate products to clean and cool your blades
  • Store your blades safely & securely in dry, cool conditions
  • In general; wash, dry and brush dogs before clipping them, to extend the life of your blades
  • De-matt prior to clipping when possible to length the life of your blades
  • Get your blades sharpened professionally as regularly as required
  • Keep back up blades

Try to keep one set of blades for rough work and another set for finishing work, to help ensure a good finish regardless.


  • Adjust the blade tension via the screw (this completely changes the balance of the blade and should only be done by a blade specialist)
  • Don’t attempt to take blades apart
  • Never over-oil your blade and never oil your clipper
  • Try not to drop or damage your blades (store them securely)
  • Where possible try not to use you blades on matted or dirty dogs as this can blunt your blades quickly

Try not to use your good set of blades for rough work or matted dogs.