Boxers are intelligent, outgoing and clownish. The love entertaining the family, all they ask is that you entertain them in return. They are fantastic watch dogs, but thrive the most around their family – without which they can suffer separation anxiety.


Boxers are a very energetic breed which is evident in their muscular appearance. Their undershot jaw is the most defining feature of the breed, this also gives the Boxer and extremely powerful bite.

Due to the short coat, in hot climates/months, it is important to protect the skin from sunburn. Skin Cancer is more common in short coated breeds as they don’t have the correct protection. Look after your furry friend with some SPF!


Coat Type

Short / Smooth

Grooming Requirement

Bathe & Curry Brush

Grooming Notes

  • As Boxers do tend to shed, it is a good idea to brush the coat once a week to keep shedding to a minimum, especially in Spring and Autumn when the coat has a tendency to shed more heavily
  • Boxers can easily get sunburn during the hotter months, particularly on the white/lighter areas of coat
  • Due to their short muzzles, it is worth taking extra care when bathing around the head/muzzle, as it can be very dangerous to get water in the nasal cavity

Grooming Guide

  • Use a rubber curry brush, shedding blade, coat rake or bristle brush to remove any loose coat
  • Clip the inner ear with a #15 – #40
  • Edge ears, if necessary, with safety/detailing scissors
  • Ensure muzzle is thoroughly dry after bathing and wipe clean wrinkles with a soft cloth
  • Trim paw pads with #15-#40 if necessary

Grooming Tool Recommendations

Other Health Recommendations

Clipper Blade Recommendations

Shampoo Recommendations

For everyday use mild/hypoallergenic shampoos are recommended. You can also use coat specific shampoos depending on the coat requirement, such as shedding treatment, deep clean, speed dry or itchy skin relief.

Conditioner Recommendations

A conditioner isn’t essential for this breed, but it can be used to add additional shine and moisture to the coat.

Coat Care Recommendations