Clippers vs Trimmers

When grooming dogs, one of the most valuable pieces of equipment in a groomer’s salon is a clipper. Clippers are designed to cut the hair to a uniform length in bulk. For small spaces where hair is being cut very short, Trimmers are another option.


Clippers come in a variety of sizes and colours, featuring detachable blades available in different cutting lengths. Most professional grooming clippers now use a standardised blade conventional, normally referred to as an “A5 Style” blade. The teeth on a Clipper Blade are normally deep and widely spaced.  Clippers have the option of being mains powered or cordless, with most modern cordless clippers using Lithium Ion batteries.


Trimmers typically are smaller in size than clippers and are more commonly battery powered, featuring detachable blades. Some trimmers feature blades that can be adjusted to different cutting lengths. The average adjustable trimmer blade features 5 sizes which range from approximately 0.5mm – 2mm, this does vary from manufacturer to manufacturer.


The best time to use Clippers is when cutting a lot of hair shorter. Pick a suitable Blade for the length and use the clipper to take a large volume of hair to the desired length.


Trimmers are best used for achieving minimal hair on areas such as faces, pads, between toes and other areas where the blade of a Clipper is too large.