Does a Price List Work?

You have been running your grooming business the same way for many years now and you feel like your business just doesn’t make enough money. Your costs are high and you are always putting in that 110% effort and you feel like they aren’t always appreciated. You have thought about putting your prices up but you have always been reluctant to do so.


Here is an example:

Chris has been running a busy grooming salon in a small town for the past 10 years. The average regular groom for a regular client costs £35.


Chris will always use black and white coat shampoos on the appropriate breeds but doesn’t charge anything extra, although the cost of the shampoo to keep in stock is more expensive than the normal standard shampoo he uses.


Chris’ customers may or may not know that he uses this more expensive black and white shampoo on their dogs. Sometimes Chris will mention to some owners that he has used the specialist shampoo in the salon, more so when the customer comments on how white or rich the dogs’ coat is looking when they come to collect them.


What are the options then?

There are four options:

  • Do Nothing – Prices stay as they are
  • Up the Prices – Put all prices up by £1 immediately
  • Start charging for specialist treatments – £2 extra for black or white breed specialist coat treatments
  • Stop offering specialist treatment altogether – Use standard dog shampoo on every dog and thereby reduce the costs and holding stock of shampoos

So a price list helps us as customers. If you know how much something costs, you can then decide if you want to buy this product or service. Even if it is given to you for free, you will appreciate what it is worth.


Putting a price on something helps the customer. the real question is whether there are elements of your service that you provide that can be priced as an individual item. The classic example is the specialist coat treatment that Chris was using in his story, using black and white coat shampoos.


Put it in into practice

Advertise that you use specialist products

Design up a leaflet or a price list that you can clearly display in your shop where customers can view this when dropping off their dogs. Ask your supplier do they have any posters or leaflets that you can use to promote their specialist products to your customers.


Give a price an name for specialist treatments

This can be easily done by saying a specialist treatment is £2, or you can do it by offering a premium service like “White Coat Premium Style” or dog specific coat treatment.


Offer customers a FREE, COMPLIMENTARY or SPECIAL upgrade

Just because you are starting to offer a £2 charge for specialist treatment doesn’t mean that you are asking everyone to pay this charge. Your long-standing customers who have always enjoyed this specialist treatment as part of their service can still avail of this, but now they will appreciate the extra service you have always provided.


Consider using specialist treatments as a promotion?

You can use this as a special offer such as, offer a free coat treatment to any customer who books a return visit within 4 weeks.


Make your business more profitable

In summary, if you can put a value against your treatments then you will benefit in two ways:

  • You will increase the profitability of an individual trim
  • You will have a premium service which you can use to promote your business

If your normal trim costs £40 and you can add a specialist treatment for £2 then you have increased your revenue by 5%! If you have always used this treatment in the past then you increase in profit will be more than 5%!


If you decide to do a “Give Away” coat treatments, then you are now rewarding your loyal customers and attracting more business.