Don’t let fleas take over your salon!

Fleas, ticks and other insects are problematic for pets in the summer. Christies Direct has an excellent range of safe and effective flea-repellent products called Insect Shield. This new technology combines a blend of flea-fighting oils within the fabric. The oils are impossible to remove, odourless and safe for all the family, even babies.


Fleas, ticks, midges and other biting insects are not only annoying to us, they can cause real health issues for your dog. Fleas are the most common type of pet pest which we hear about in the local area. There are many treatments available for fleas, ticks and other biting insects but Insect Shield offers a revolutionary new alternative to chemical treatments.


A few facts about fleas: A female flea can lay up to 2,000 eggs in her lifetime. Fleas feed on the blood of their host, but they can survive up to 100 days without blood meal (if they get into your home or car it is a real problem). Dogs with fleas can develop tape worms and serious itching. Dogs can also develop an allergy to flea saliva, which can cause serious skin conditions.


A few facts about ticks: There are around 850 known species of ticks globally. Ticks, like fleas, feed on the blood of their host. A dog can contract many diseases from a single tick bite. Ticks embed themselves in the skin of the pet, so never take them out with your bare hands, always use a tick remover.


As you can imagine, fleas, ticks and other biting insects are not good company for pets, your grooming salon, home or family! There are many flea treatments available, but Insect Shield is different and can really capture your customer’s attention.


Insect Shield uses a special patent-pending process to bind a proprietary permethrin formula into fabric fibres – resulting in odourless, effective, proven insect protection that lasts the lifetime of the product! By simply allowing the pet to wear a vest or bandana, and lying on a bed or car seat cover, each pet will get all the proven benefits of permethrin without the chemicals having to enter the bloodstream. Also, for topical treatments to work, the insect must bite the pet. With Insect Shield, the insect will not come anywhere near the pet – meaning your dog will not get itchy or irritated!


Insect Shield fabrics do not smell or feel any different to normal fabrics and it is effective for over 50 washes, giving pets and your salon year-round protection.


The range includes neck gaiters, bandanas, beds, blankets, car seat covers, boot covers, play pens and pieces of clothing. With eye-catching packaging and fantastic retail margins, you can increase your sales revenue with products that do all the hard work!


A version of this article originally appeared in Total Grooming Magazine