Eye Care for Dogs

Dogs have no way of cleaning and maintaining their own eyes, therefore it is up to pet owners and groomers to do so. All breeds require their eyes cleaned particularly wrinkly faces.


Obvious signs of infection are redness, swelling, squinting or a mucus discharge, if any of these are apparent, you should seek help from a veterinarian, however, there are steps to prevent infection occurring.

  • Keep eyes as hair free as possible
  • Keep eyes clear of mucus
  • Use the correct products to clean the eye area
  • Prevent unsightly tear staining from occurring.

Regular eye and facial cleaning will reduce any chances of prolonged problems.


Tear staining is the most common eye-related problem, particularly on light coloured breeds. There is no overnight cure and they can take some time to remove as it is often embedded in the hair which causes discolouration. Tear stains actually kill bacteria that cause eye infections, tears typically flow across the surface of the eye and drain through the tear duct.


The Discolouration occurs when the corners of the eyes fill up and spill over and lie on the surrounding hair. There are various products on the market to counteract the staining, for example, Drops, facial cleansers, eye wipes and eyewashes. All should be used carefully to ensure no spread of any severe infections.