German Vs Japanese Scissors

Scissors are arguably the most important tool a Groomer can choose. With that in mind, it is very important that they choose the scissors best suited to their needs.


The material the scissors are made out of and the edge of the cutting blade can make a massive difference to the finish the scissors leave on the coat.


Scissors are commonly made with German steel or Japanese steel. Ordinarily, Japanese steel scissors have a convex edge and German steel scissors have a bevelled edge:

Bevelled Edged Scissors

  • These are generally made with heavier German steel which is much harder.
  • The scissors are good workhorse scissors and will keep their edge longer.
  • Groomers will generally choose to use them for rough scissoring.
  • These are a fantastic choice for students and new groomers as they have a much more durable edge.
  • You can see examples of German Steel Scissors here.

Convex Edged Scissors

  • These scissors are generally made with Japanese Steel.
  • The convex blades are honed to a fine point which results in a fantastic finish on the coat.
  • These razor sharp scissors are generally recommended for more advanced groomers.
  • Sharpening of these scissors should be carried out by a trained specialist as there is a very specific technique involved.
  • You can see examples of Japanese Steel Scissors here.

If you would like more information about looking after your scissors or a reliable sharpening service please feel free to contact The Master Service Team.