How to Organise your Dog Grooming Kit

We all know as Groomers how important it is to keep your grooming kit well-stocked. Within every profession, you will have your tools for the job, and for dog groomers, this collection of tools is essential for day-to-day work. You can’t just throw your tools into a box or bag and call it your kit. Each item that you have for your daily work is an investment in your profession as well as the well-being of the pups you care for, not to mention your career, so organisation is key.


Preparation – ‘Fail to prepare, prepare to fail’

As the saying goes. You can’t go into your appointments blindly after all your are a professional. Once a client comes into your saloon each of these will be unique as you will work with different breeds, coat types and also the pups temperaments. You will have that initial consultation with the client to discuss their wants and needs which will allow you to get to know your client, access and prepare ahead of time with the right mindset and tools in your kit. You could think of it as going to the hairdressers to get your own hair cut. Always ask questions to your client before you groom so you know their pup. This will let you know what type of brushes, clippers or even restraints so you can make sure your kit is fully stocked.


Keep it clean

What you put in your kit is down to you and your skills. Most kits will include clippers, scissors, nail clippers, brushes, combs, cleaning products and grooming restraints. These tools are universal tools and these will make sure that you are prepared for the different breeds and grooming situations you will face. They are all different tools and used for different things but all have one thing in common, they need to be kept immaculately clean. They need to be free of hair, dust, dirt and most of all germs! Keeping your tools clean is only one step to a better organised grooming kit.


You can check out our full guide here on how to keep your grooming tools clean.


Use protective coverings

Sometimes we can fall into bad habits once in a while, but a bad habit among dog groomers is the tendency just to throw their grooming tools back into their kit after an appointment. Yes, we know your day may be packed up with back-to-back appointments and time is tight. However, if you feel like you are doing this on a regular basis, you may need to restructure your schedule. You need to make it a priority to not only clean your tools but to keep them organised in your grooming kit so that they will stay clean for the animals you care for.


One recommendation is to invest in some plastic. For example, once you finish cleaning your scissors with rubbing alcohol, a great way to keep them flawless is to pop them into a plastic pouch. For brushes and combes, a great way to keep them separate is a grooming kit with different sections in it. This means you can choose where they stay and will ensure they are kept clean between appointments.  Keeping everything clean and safe will not only help your appointments run more smoothly but you will also know where your kit is to hand. It with also give you great satisfaction to see you salon clean and tidy.


Keep cleaning products close

We talked about how important it is to keep your tools clean and tidy, but here we will dive a little deeper. Rubbing alcohol, antibacterial soap and coolant spray are the three essentials that you should always keep in your grooming kit or close by. With these three products, they will allow you to wash and sterilize each of your tools between appointments. When keeping these products in your kit or close by we need to make sure that they are closed tight and there is no way they will spill out onto your tools. Keep your tools separate from your cleaning kit by using different compartments for each. This will help avoid the risk of spillages. You could even keep these items in a separate kit to avoid spillages or breakages.


We also recommend cleaning out your actual kit bag or box every few weeks by wiping it down with an antibacterial cloth.


These are just a few steps listed above to keep your grooming kit clean and tidy. Follow these and it will help to make your daily work less stressful and more organised.