How to use Dryer Nozzles

Most Blasters these days come with a variety of dryer nozzles, but it’s not immediately obvious what these do, below we look at how to use dryer nozzles as well as some tips on what coats each is best used with.


The Cone Nozzle

Used to force open the coat so ideal for really compacted double coats or very tightly curled coats. It is also perfect for dematting a coat and getting out undercoat. The air that comes out of this nozzle will tend to come out in a vortex, like a tornado. Take care when using this nozzle as it can cause whip knots in long coats. Hold the nozzle further back from the coat, which will reduce these.

The Spade Nozzle

Better for ironing out the curly coats and for generally drying. These nozzles are generally known as water strippers or dryer nozzles. The main purpose is to force out as much water as possible. Great for straightening the coats, which will save a lot of time for finishing. The air generated out of these nozzles comes out in a straight line, unlike the cone nozzles vortex. Matting is minimal with this nozzle due to the air force that is generated.

The Wide Spade Nozzle

Perfect for long coats as the cone nozzle will whip the longer hair up into knots. These are great nozzles for drop coats such as Shih Tzus or Maltese. Usually, the nozzle is used as a finishing nozzle after all the water excess has been blown off. With a softer pressure, this nozzle will dry the coat so that it lays flat.


Go through the dog thoroughly and evenly with the blaster keeping the nozzle far enough away from the dog’s skin to allow the hair to be blown straight. If the nozzle is too close to the skin, the ends of the coat will whip around and cause tangling.


You can use the blaster instead of your brush to straighten the coat. Have your stand dryer on at the same time. You should use your stand dryer in the usual way, pointing at the place that you are working on. By having a variety of nozzles, you can avoid having to stretch dry in most cases.  Give these tips a tryout, you never know, it could make your life easier.


Types of Coats

Short or Curly Coats

Keep the nozzle about a centimetre away from the skin – you must keep the nozzle moving in short sharp strokes or you will burn the skin as the air flow gets hotter. Make sure you blast the shorter areas of coat first as these will dry quicker and start to curl if you do not deal with them first. You can choose any nozzle for this but it must be perpendicular to the skin at all times

Long Coats

Angle the nozzle in the direction of the coat growth . . . on very long coats if you keep the nozzle almost parallel to the coat it will not tangle. Extra-long coats are better dried on a low velocity, as the ends might whip into undesirable tangles.


Double-Coated Breeds

Dry the same as for curly coated but move in circles – as the coat starts to whip round slowly move the nozzle away, still moving in circles. This is the most efficient way of removing the dead coat.



This is a good time to use spray conditioners. Hold the spray bottle alongside the blaster nozzle and pull the trigger. The blaster will force the product into the coat. Start at the rear of the dog and blast over every inch, saving the head for last, where you remove the nozzle or use the stand dryer.