Looking after your Grooming Table


It is very important to take care of your table, especially if you are in a salon. You have welcomed into your premises a wide variety of canines that may have conditions i.e. skin irritations, fleas, ticks etc., it is vital that you clean your work surfaces regularly with a high-quality disinfectant. All groomers should have a handy spray bottle available to wipe down their tables between grooms to stop contamination between their client’s pets.


As for home users, it is still equally important to keep their tables as sterile as possible, this prevents germs spreading too.



Depending on your table, you can help maintain the longevity of all its functions by ensuring you have considered:

  • Where you are placing it
  • Are there plugs sockets close nearby?
  • Do all electrical voltages match the table requirements?

Also when using all the functions on the table IE foot pedals or handheld controls not to place too much strain on it, use it when required, overuse can lead to issues, as does pushing too hard on controls. Hydraulic tables, ensure that you are not over pumping the foot adjuster, you can hold it down to release the gases built up however on occasions it can lead to trapped air which will create a problem trying to adjust height.


Folding tables, ensure you are storing correctly, when putting away, always try to store in areas where it cannot be toppled or damaged. It is also recommended to fold down in a timely manner, not allowing parts to drop onto one another as this can cause the table to have wobbles over time.