Looking after your Scissors

Scissor care no matter what level of scissor you are using is important to prolong the life of the scissor and keep help the edge maintain it’s sharpness for longer. Basic maintenance includes cleaning, oiling and drying. Ideally, scissors should be disinfected as well, using a product such as Barbicide or a UV Steriliser.


The reason daily cleaning and oiling of your scissors is so important is that it protects the metal from rusting, and stops chemicals and moisture from the salon building up on the blades, not to mention bacteria. The debris from grooming will also work it’s way into the pivot section of the blade, reducing blade mobility and causing unnecessary friction.


Scissors should be cleaned down with a soft cloth between each groom, this not only reduces the debris but stops transferring chemicals used between dogs. At the end of the day, the scissors should be cleaned down then dried before placing 1-2 drops of scissor oil into the joint to flush any debris missed and protects the joint itself.


How to Adjust Scissor Tension [VIDEO]


When finished using your scissors for the day storage is important. Scissors should be stored in the fully closed position, to avoid any stray debris accidentally damaging the cutting section of the blade. They should be stored in a case to protect them from environmental factors, and away from magnets which can cause the scissors to attract dust and other particles.


Tension is important for maintaining scissors, a scissor that is too tense will not only cause unnecessary wearing down of the scissor but cause fatigue for the groomer due to the extra effort required to use the scissor. A scissor that is too loose will likely fold hair rather than cut it. To test the tension you should lift one of the blades to a 90-degree angle and let it drop. If the scissor is at the correct tension the blade should only fall to the ⅔ closed position.


How to Oil Scissors [VIDEO]