No tricks, just treats this Hallowe’en!

With help from Christies Direct, there are lots of ways which your pooch and clients can get involved in the ‘spirit’ of Halloween! Below we’re going to look at ways to help take some of the stress out of Halloween for your pets and clients and highlight our new healthy treat range so your customers can join in with the Trick or Treat tradition.

Off with a bang!

With Hallowe’en comes Bonfire Night and fireworks which can be extremely stressful for pets. The VETIQ Serene-UM Calming Tablets or Calming Drops are a natural remedy which helps calm and soothes nervous dogs & cats.


Alternatively, the Show Season Mellow Pet Spray has an instant calming effect simply from being sprayed on the pet’s bed or on his collar. The spray can also come in handy in your salon.  Spray your grooming table or top to help calm nervous dogs.


As always, these products are available for you to retail to your customers, as well as use in your salon. Retailing products is an ideal chance to increase your income, while also adding value to your customers and their pets.

Trick or Treat?

With our new Mark & Chappell Healthy Treats, pets can enjoy Trick or Treating too! These treats are enriched with Omega 3 fatty acids and essential vitamins to help maintain a healthy skin and coats so you can give a tasty treat without feeling guilty!