Retailing Pet Accessories in the Salon

Retailing in your salon can bring in another revenue stream and give your salon that little bit something extra. Pet accessories can be one of the most profitable things to retail in your salon! Not many shops can fit all their customers into one category but you can! All your customers are pet owners. Therefore you can be sure that all your customers will be interested in pet accessories.


Accessories cover things like leads & collars, toys, bowls and other little items.


Having a stand that displays these items near your counter ensures everyone who comes through the door will get the opportunity to interact with the items. A lot of customers will pick up a little item for their dog once they see the lovely groom. This could be a little chew toy or a ball to chase!


One brand, in particular, that takes accessories to another level is ROGZ. What makes them very attractive to customers is their seasonality. There are great options to choose from depending on the weather outside and the time of the year. For those sunny days, they have great fetch toys that float in the water and stay upright! Or for those cool dark evening walks they have collar lights and reflective leads.


When retailing any items the most important thing to remember is you must educate yourselves on the items you are selling and be ready to explain the benefits to the customer. Passion sells and therefore it is advisable to try and sell products you like and do believe in.