Steel Vs Ceramic Blades

It is important that every groomer selects the suitable blade for every clip. With that in mind we are commonly asked to highlight the differences between steel blades and ceramic blades:

Andis 7F Steel Blade

Steel Blades

  • Most popular type of blade
  • Generally strong and reliable
  • Range in costs to suit a range of budgets
  • Wide range of sizes available to suit any coat type
  • Vary in quality of steel
  • Can heat up with faster running clippers
  • Can be converted to ceramic (see below)
Ceramic Blade

Ceramic Blades

  • Tend to be a little more expensive
  • Designed to keep their edge and said to keep sharpness for longer
  • Designed to keep cooler for longer
  • Ideal for faster running clipper such as Andis Super 2 Speed, Andis 2 Speed Excel SMC-2, Oster 3 speed, Double K Cable Drive etc.
  • More fragile and can be broken easier, but ceramic cutter can be replaced


Ceramic cutters are designed to extend the life of your steel blades. We recommend buying these when you are getting new blades or getting blades sharpened, as both parts (front comb and blade cutter) of the blade must be sharp.


They fit in behind the front comb part of the blade as the blade cutter/runner. The easiest way to change these is to slide the steel blade runner, teasing it out and slip the ceramic cutter in at the same time (before the steel one is completely removed).