Which Blaster?

A dryer is the most important purchase a Groomer will make for their business. There are 3 different types of dryer available, Blasters, Finishing Dryers and Combination machines.


Blasters are also known as High-Velocity dryers. These actually can be used to carry out a number of different tasks during your groom. Initially, and most importantly, they will use a high-velocity jet of air to shoot water from the coat, this will obviously help cut down the drying time. Blasters can also be used to aid with de-shedding, and can also help straighten the hair on some coat types. These dryers can also aid with de-matting and the removal of undercoat.

Single Motor Blasters

These are blasters with one motor, this results in a lower air velocity and traditionally the blasters are quieter. For this reason, we generally recommend a single motor blaster as a backup machine in busy salons but they are also ideal for use on nervous dogs and puppies to get them used to being dried with a blaster. Examples of these dryers are as follows:


Groom Professional Blo i200

  • Excellent value for money
  • Variable speed motor
  • 2 heat settings
  • Very Light
  • Ideal for mobile groomers

Metro Blaster

  • Sturdy Steel Construction
  • 1 Speed setting
  • Variable version available

Chris Chrisensen Kool Dry

  • Very Quiet
  • Variable speed controls
  • Low electrical draw and very efficient
  • Available in different colours

Dual Motor Blasters

These blasters have 2 motors, this generally results in a higher air velocity. These are fantastic primary blasters for any salon and due to increased power will decrease your drying time drastically. Examples of these dryers are as follows:


Groom Professional Blo i400

  • Variable speed switch
  • Includes a high density anion generator to condition the coat
  • Incorporates ionic technology which will increase shine and protect hair
  • Special air inlets reduce noise levels

Double K Airmax Blaster

  • Flow through motor fan technology warms air as it cools the motors.
  • Robust, noise deadening case
  • Dual Air filtration protects motors and salon air quality

Metro Master Blaster

  • Helps with the removal of dead hair and undercoat
  • Tough Steel casing
  • Incorporates wheels for easy manoeuvrability
  • Excellent value for money
  • Can be wall mounted

Megablast 2

  • 3 Motor speeds
  • This dryer is ideal for removing undercoat from larger breeds
  • Incredibly powerful
  • Can be wall mounted