Why Customer Service is Important

It’s an old saying that if you try to win customers based on your pricing structure, it’s a race to the bottom. When you have products and overheads to worry about not to mention a salary for yourself the best solution provides the kind of customer service that inspires loyalty in customers, old and new.

Why Customers Leave

The White House Office of Consumer Affairs did a survey investigating why customers left a business:

  • 3% business moved
  • 5% preferred competitor’s product or service
  • 9% price increases
  • 14% dissatisfied with product/service

31% total, 69% of customer left because of poor service! Here are some more statistics on Customer Service:

  • 96% of unhappy customers don’t complain, however, 91% of those will simply leave and never come back.
  • It takes 12 positive customer experiences to make up for one negative experience

Learn from them

Why has the customer picked your business? What is it they want from you in the long-term? Imagine you were them, what is it you would want? You can take the queue from the customer based on how they word things, do they introduce themselves by first name or surname? That’s your queue to engage with them professionally or personally.

Inspire Loyalty

Go the extra mile with your customers and provide a loyalty scheme. It is one of the widest used customer service methods available. If Tesco, Boots, Starbucks and other businesses use it, there has to be solid income to make it worth their while. Remember a loyalty card is a constant reminder of your business as the customer will carry it with them.



Go the extra mile, why not provide a small present at Christmas? Get something in bulk from a wholesaler to give, or buy a toy or treats for the dog. It doesn’t have to have monetary value, if a customer is having issues keeping parts of the dog’s coat in condition between grooms why not offer 10-20 minutes when they come back to advise on tools, and demonstrate the best method to resolve? Even if they don’t follow your instructions you’ve gone out of your way to help them, and they will remember that.


  • Make your customer feel special
  • Every customer is different
  • Surprise them occasionally
  • Engage with them, in person and on Social Media
  • Do it all with a smile!